Bring Your Imagination to Life

Cinema 4D is considered one of if not the best tool for creating motion graphics but it’s motion graphics tools are only the beginning of what is possible. With a fully featured traditional tool set Cinema can be used on its own to create whatever you can think of. Many of the motion graphics tools double as massive time savers for other tasks as well. One of the greatest parts about Cinema 4D is the ease of use of the software. There is a ton of resources online for getting up and running with Cinema as well as for more complex tasks. Our YouTube channel has a playlist with a bunch of free training videos that cover a variety of topics from modeling to texturing, rendering to environment design. Also make sure to check out our store for all of our free and paid assets and training.

Take Your Skillset to the Next Level

Once you become comfortable with Cinema 4D and 3D as a whole, you may want to start exploring the world of proceduralism. Creating assets with procedural tools can save a ton of time and allow you to develop worlds far bigger than anything you could do on your own if you made everything by hand. There are some procedural tools inside of Cinema 4D but the real power of proceduralism comes from software specifically designed as procedural workflows. Two of the most common are Houdini and Substance. Houdini is started out as a effects focused software but has developed further into being used for every aspect of scene production. Substance is a suite of programs that are used to procedurally texture assets. Both Houdini and Substance have plug-ins for Cinema 4D and allow you to art direct your scenes without needing to leave the program. Combining these three software creates an extremely powerful stack that will allow you to quickly and easily create and iterate on your projects. If you want to get started creating useful tools to speed up your workflow then make sure to check out our store as well as our dedicated page and YouTube playlist for Houdini.

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