An Unbeatable Combination

One of the most powerful combinations of programs to use is Cinema 4D and SideFX Houdini. For anyone looking to learn 3D one of the best options to start out with is Cinema 4D due to it being very easy to learn and how powerful it is. If you are looking to create lots of high quality assets quickly with a lot of variation then C4D might start to come up short. This is where Houdini comes in. With its procedural workflow, Houdini can transform the way you work and allow you to generate scenes that would simply take too much time to do manually. The best part is Houdini has a plugin for Cinema that allows you to art direct your scenes and generate the assets perfect for your scene without ever leaving the program.

Houdini has a free personal use license that allows you to have access to the full program for non-commercial purposes. So you can spend as much time learning Houdini and deciding if it is right for you before upgrading. Houdini also has an Indie license that is relatively inexpensive and is one of the best deals that you can find when it comes to 3D software. If you want to push your artwork to a new level and save yourself time then Houdini is essential. When you first open the program it might look confusing and overwhelming but don’t worry because it is. Houdini is such a complex program that it is virtually impossible to master but it is that complexity that makes it so powerful. Don’t jump in and expect to make incredibly complex node trees right away because it probably won’t happen. The important part is to not give up on it immediately. Below we have some tutorials that will help get you started making assets and packaged node trees, called HDA’s, to be used inside of any program that supports the Houdini Engine. Also make sure to check out the store for any free or paid HDA’s or training series to help further develop your skills inside Houdini.

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