The Procedural Shift

Should you learn procedural workflows? Absolutely. If you are not currently thinking procedurally you are wasting valuable time and limiting yourself.

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Proceduralism is Changing the Industry

Over the past few years procedural techniques have become more and more common in the 3D landscape. We saw a shift towards procedural texturing when the Substance toolset was released and in more recent times Houdini has become more and more prevalent in the industry. Just a few days ago Maxon showed off their new procedural tools inside Cinema 4D as well.

Why have we had this shift towards procedural techniques? The answer is quite simple actually. Procedural workflows allow for quick iterations when building assets. It also allows for a single person to create much more lived in and true to life scenes with multiple variations of assets while spending a fraction of the time to get there.

Using procedural techniques you can create tools for yourself to speed up future projects. You can also repurpose the assets you have created in the past and modify them to create vastly different assets. If you combine procedural textures with procedural assets you can quickly build a library that you can pull from to speed up production of new scenes.

So will procedural workflows replace traditional workflows? Most likely the answer is no, at least not fully. Procedural workflows will most likely replace most traditional workflows but with certain assets like characters or a scenes hero assets will still probably use traditional methods. We likely will see traditional methods being used to polish assets and take them from the 95% done mark to fully realized assets.

Should You Learn Procedural Workflows?

Absolutely! I think as the industry moves on we will see a more dramatic shift towards proceduralism. In two or three years time we will likely see Houdini become even more prevalent in the industry because at its core it is a fully procedural program and has a large head start compared to other apps. If you aren’t currently learning procedural workflows then you are missing out on saving a ton of time. If you want to start learning but are not sure where to start we have free training on our YouTube channel as well as training coming to our store in the future. Check them out below.