Inside The Mind

About Inside The Mind

Inside The Mind is an effort to create a place where anyone can learn the skills needed to create whatever they can dream up. The goal is to show techniques that either are not shown elsewhere or are hard to find. The best way to push the limits of what the mind can create is by giving everyone the knowledge to push themselves. 

Learning. Not Just Following Along.

It is important to understand not just how to do something but why the steps were taken to achieve it. If you understand why something is done you can apply the knowledge to other problems and solve more complex issues. You are not pushing yourself enough if you can find how to do everything you want to do in books or on the internet. The learning material provided through Inside The Mind is developed in a way to explain not just how things are done but the thought processes that go into them and why we chose to take those steps. If you ever wonder why we do something a certain way we encourage you to ask us to explain ourselves.


the WHY Not Just the How

Start Your Journey

Houdini Tutorials

This playlist contains tips on how to do a multitude of tasks in Houdini. From procedural modeling to rigid body simulations to rendering with third party renderers like Redshift, we’ve got you covered.

Sharing Knowledge to Push the Industry Forward

The best way forward is by giving everyone access to the knowledge they need to bring their imaginations to life. Sharing knowledge not only helps to make other artists better but it could trigger an explosion of creativity and innovation that leads to techniques never used before. Together we can come up with techniques that make the impossible possible.