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animation frame demonstrating lerp in Houdini
abstract material growth on a rhino sculpture
abstract growth on a bird sculpture

Learn how to start bringing your imagination to life inside Houdini. Learn why steps are taken, not just how to achieve certain effects.

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Red Particle Head

Particle FX

Particles are used for a lot of different effects in Houdini. Understanding particles is important for motion graphics, pyro, flip fluids and more. 

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abstract motion design example

Motion Design

Houdini may not be regarded as the best software for motion design, but don't let that discourage you from using it. Houdini is extremely capable of creating complex motion graphics.

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growth effect on a head bust

Master Growth Effects

Learn how to do multiple types of growth effects. Everything from material growth to geometry growth to VDB advection is covered.

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materialx logo

MaterialX Shading

MaterialX can be very confusing to learn as it is very specific. Get a handle on how MaterialX works while learning how to avoid making mistakes that will not transfer to other applications.

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VDB advection example abstract render showing a rematerialization effect

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